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              GCHB Grateful-Cosmic Red Red Wine
    "Morris" is loved by Maricella & Jakob Ostermann 
                    Co-owned by Josh Saunders

The Grateful Danes



Ch Grateful-Cosmic Easterly's Red Carpet Secrets
    "Rumor" is loved by Eddie & Sondra Easterly

      Ch Grateful-Cosmic Paint The Town Red @  Wynham
         "Kiefer" loved by Kelley Martin and Kathy Martin

GCh Cosmic Maitau's The Beauty Authority V Grateful


       Ch Maitau's Grateful Dane, CGC



               Ch Grateful's Eyes Of The World
        "Hunter" is loved by Terri & Cindy Million


Ch Grateful N Maitau Livin The Life, CGCA 
"Riley" is loved by Sharon Boldeia,
Pat Ciampa, Helen & Tiffany Cross

         Ch Grateful-Cosmic Pirouette In Red







                Ch Grateful's Sugar Magnolia


Grateful's The Beat Goes On @ Wynham
    Loved by Kelley & Kathy Martin
"Lyric" is pointed 

GCh Grateful's Dublin Ha'Penny, TKI, CGCA, CGCU, RN, BCAT, FDC 
"Dublin" is loved by Erin Alzona


Still River's Kool Blizzard of Davisdane


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